CRMF Bible Box Testimonies, Prayer Requests and Statistics

The Bible Box is a project that both MAF and CRMF partner together on. It’s quite a simple idea, but it’s life-changing for people who have no access to Christian resources and Bibles. Here are some stories and testimonies from our MAF Australia pilots and MAF Papua New Guinea staff who help hand out these valuable resources.

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Teaching to Fish and Overcome Poverty – Liberia

The story of a remarkable woman, Sister Wilhelmena, who in 2012 in response to the poverty around her, started the Peoples Initiative Against Poverty Program. Sister Wilhelmena often uses the services of MAF in Liberia to further her work, saying, “sometimes when the roads are bad, we are trapped. There’s no way to get out to carry on the work we do. It’s not only to the church but the entire country who’s been facing problems with roads. MAF’s presence in Liberia has brought great relief. We are very, very grateful. You can ask anybody in this region that has ever flown with MAF and they’ll tell you we are grateful.” Read about her amazing work here.

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Bringing Education to the Remote

For over 40 years, MAF has been partnering with Yirrkala Homelands School and Laynha to bring education to the remote communities of Arnhem Land. Yirrkala Homelands School was formerly part of Yirrkala School, and the services for Homeland communities began in 1974. Since the very beginning, they have been using MAF services to transport teachers out to the remote Homelands.

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From Death to Life 

“She is not dead yet,” replied one of the villagers, “but will die soon.”

A 15-year-old girl was pregnant and trying to deliver, but the baby had turned. There was no healthcare at the time in the dense jungles of Kalimantan, Indonesia, on the island of Borneo. The people in her village had no hope that this girl, named Lihut, would live.

So they turned to the local witchdoctor.

He and a few other men decided to jump up and down on the girl’s belly, thinking this would help. Of course, it only caused further damage.

On a nearby grass airstrip, a small airplane—a Cessna 185—touched down and John Hook, a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), stepped out. Read what happened next here.

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A Story of Grace

This is a story of Grace. Emma Grace. She is alive today only by the Grace of God because, when Emma Grace was just two days old, she was left to die. Read more here.

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A Day to Remember – Harverson Memorial, PNG

The Harverson family came to PNG to find closure. What they found was connection and love.

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Didinga Bible Dedication – South Sudan

When MAF’s Cessna 182 landed in the village of Chukudum, it was the first time ever that the Didinga people in the south-east of South Sudan had seen a Bible in their mother tongue. It had been almost 40 years in the making and the excitement was great.

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