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To give you an idea, $50 gives us enough fuel for around 20 minutes. Each minute is precious and enables emergency medevacs, disaster relief, urgent aid and community development.

* Gifts in Australia over $2 for aid, development and relief flights are tax deductible through MAF Assist DGR 1 ABN 23301106261

** To support MAF by donating directly by bank transfer, please use:  Account Name: MAF Australia | BSB 032 164 | Acct 183 831

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Fuelling a medevac

  • A major part of what we do around the world is reach those in desperate medical situations and deliver them to safety.

    In a place like Papua New Guinea, 20-minutes in an MAF aircraft (just $50 worth of fuel!) can save up to 3 days walking. In emergency situations, this can be the difference between life and death. Your gift will provide the fuel for our medevac flights.

*  This donation is directed to where it’s needed most and is tax deductible ?

2000 partner organisations

  • One of the things we regularly hear is that people like donating to MAF because of the way their donation dollar is subsequently maximised.

    We partner with around 2000 organisations to make sure that the right help is getting into the right place at the right time. Your donation enables groups like World Vision, Save the Children, Compassion, Caritas, Oxfam, The Salvation Army, WaterAid (and around 2000 more!) carry out their work with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

This donation is directed to where it’s needed most and is tax deductible ?