Each year on average* MAF flies around 100 women and children, who are in imminent danger, helping them escape domestic violence.

*Between 01 Apr 2020 and 30 May 2023 we flew 319 women and children 

Rescuing Wendy

To understand just how important this service is you need to hear Wendy’s* story. She recently experienced an evacuation.

When we arrived for the evacuation, Wendy was waiting by the remote airstrip with a swollen and bruised face. She was exhausted from lack of sleep. With her was her three-year-old son and two Community Police Officers who had escorted Wendy to the airstrip. 

Wendy and her son were flown away from danger. Once in Gove, they were given a safe place to rest at Crisis Accommodation Gove where they stayed and recovered for 13 weeks. Wendy was given the support she needed to rebuild a strong future for herself and family. 

Once the domestic violence order was in place, and with case management goals achieved, she moved from CAG to her mother’s community and settled into a safe life free from violence.

Help fund emergency response flights for women and children escaping domestic violence.

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1800 650 169

*A generic name and image has been used to protect identities

Photo: Dhämbing, a member of Galiwin’ku Women’s Space(GWS)

The MAF team in Arnhem Land are making a plea on behalf of women and children in remote homeland areas who need to flee situations of domestic violence.

These Yolngu women and children live in Aboriginal communities and homelands which are incredibly isolated. MAF is in a position to provide emergency evacuation.

Safe havens have been set up in Gove and Elcho Island by Crisis Accommodation Gove (CAG) and Galiwin’ku Women’s Space (GWS)

However, Elcho Island is only accessible by air and Gove is a 6 hour drive on a bumpy dirt road, passable only in the dry season; in the wet season, the women and children are stranded.

MAF's rapid response program helps women and children who are in imminent danger escape the violence.

The relief of seeing an approaching MAF plane

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For over 75 years, MAF has been serving isolated people by using aircraft to bring in the essentials of life as well as medical care, emergency food, and Christian hope.

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