We believe everyone deserves hope, including the isolated.

Isolation is not often thought of as a problem, but for millions of people across the world it is the barrier to basic medical care, clean water, education and development, disaster response or the opportunity to receive the good news of God’s love. All simply because it’s too dangerous or time-consuming to reach them.

With your help, we are able to overcome these barriers and “fly for life” in its fullest sense.

Delivering Basic Needs

In many isolated areas of the world, the fight for survival can be all consuming. Having access to reliable food, clean water and adequate shelter is a daily struggle.

Providing Access to Medical Care

Isolation is often responsible for turning the most common medical complication into a life-threatening illness.

Thriving Communities

Isolation can often be the cause of oppression, generally related to a lack of access to education, supportive infrastructure and community development.

Bringing the Good News

There is something uniquely special about the relationship and respect that can be built with communities when serving them in their home and in their language over the long term.

Our Global Impact

Here’s a global snapshot of MAF’s annual impact. Behind each one of these numbers are stories of life and transformation. This work only happened because people like you enabled it. Thank you for partnering with us!

The Latest From MAF

  • Fuel crisis impacts remote corners of PNG

  • 27 March 2024

  • While MAF Papua New Guinea’s team works hard to find solutions to an ongoing fuel crisis, the impact of necessary fuel surcharges is felt far and wide when normal community service flights must be constrained. MAF Kiunga fuel storage area - mostly empty of JETA1 200L fuel drums during the current crisis A recent shortage ...



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Together, we are Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Together, we are Flying for Life.