Who We Fly: Medair in South Sudan

Hi, my name is Jasmine. I am a paediatric emergency nurse by training originally from Brisbane. I worked at the Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane before coming to South Sudan.

Here in South Sudan, I’m currently working for Medair, which is an organization that does relief aid. I’m working as a Health Manager on the Emergency Response Team, and we’re really, really lucky to actually collaborate with MAF in South Sudan at the moment.

Just recently, we started an intervention in a town called Nimule, which is on the border with Uganda. We are there responding to the needs surrounding COVID-19. We are supporting local healthcare authorities and local partners on the ground to strengthen their support around COVID-19.

It can be difficult to get to Nimule. There are roads, but they’re insecure, so travelling by road is not an option for us. We need to fly. There are not a lot of other options in terms of getting there. It’s great that MAF actually were able to get our team to Nimule in order to do this response.

MAF Flew both for our assessment team and then also for our intervention team, as well as carrying cargo that we needed for one of our interventions in Nimule giving people kits to enable them for home isolation if they’re Covid positive. The kits contain food and also hygiene items. And so that wouldn’t have been possible if we weren’t able to fly with MAF.

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