‘Souls got saved’: Pastor’s inspiring story of hope and healing

Missions Director says flying with MAF gave him more time to train Liberian church leaders and share the gospel.

Reverend Wellington Greene returned with MAF from the south-eastern community of Zwedru, bursting with the good news of God’s power.

The International Missions Director of Rhema Pentecostal Church had been taking part in a three-day revival meeting where he was training local leaders.

“Two major testimonies took place during the time of the crusade,” he said. “There was a lady called Korpu, she has been suffering with a back problem for so long it caused a huge pain while waking up, but now she wakes up freely without pain, and she was praising God.

“And a little boy who hardly ate for days got his healing as well. We prayed over a water, and he drank from the bottle. His mother was excited to have seen her son on his feet.

“Souls got saved in Zwedru, because of MAF.”

Rhema’s efforts to reach isolated communities across Liberia is closely linked with MAF because flights from the capital Monrovia help the church to have a greater impact.

“I was travelling to visit the church that was established a long time ago. Due to the bad road, I was unable to pay a visit for many years, but I am so overwhelmed to have been booked on a MAF flight and I know the travel will make a difference to the communities’ dwellers,” he said.

“I had a successful time with the citizens of Zwedru and the revival was amazing, many give their lives to Christ. MAF took me safely. I felt at home in the flight, and I was relaxing in the seat. I pray that our partnership continues to win souls for Christ in the rural areas.

“Thank you so much, it all happened because of MAF’s mission in Liberia.”

Rev Greene said the public response to the revival meeting was hugely encouraging for Rhema Pentecostal Church.

“The revival brought joy to my heart after many years of being away, yet the crowd was huge. I was glad to see people grace the occasion after a hard day of farming work, I was impressed,” he added.

“Twenty-two people said they wanted to accept Christ and, based on the time available, we were able to baptise 16 people.”

Challenging road conditions make it difficult to reach remote communities across Liberia, so Rev Greene said the church appreciated the opportunity to support local believers by flying to their areas.

“It is a blessing to have such an airplane helping many organizations within the country and the remotes villages,” he said. “I enjoy being on a MAF plane, it is the greatest joy I have ever received. While flying in the air I felt the goodness of God and the work MAF is doing in our country Liberia. Being on today’s flight it has taken away the burden and stress of spending longer days on the bad roads.”

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