Kenya: Flights help transform the lives of children living with disabilities

A medical team was able to offer medical services to children after a MAF flight landed in remote airstrips.

Every time a MAF plane lands in these remote airstrips, it is seen as a sign of hope for the locals who flock to meet help. MAF Pilot Daniel Gill flew a team of ten, north of Kenya to three far-flung locations namely: Lodwar, Kargi, and Namarei for a three-day medical camp.

The medical team give hope to many vulnerable children living with disabilities that can be corrected but otherwise do not have access to professional medical care. Most of the children who made it to the clinic had suffered burn injuries that left their hands and limbs with contractures limiting their movement.

Without medical intervention, children with untreated burns are more at risk of infection and severe scarring and could lose the ability to use their affected limb entirely. These injuries rob the children off time to attend school to pursue their studies; considering the long distances they must cover walking to school in their condition.

These children tend to experience stigma and discrimination from their peers and the community, and they end up staying home in isolation.

The partnership between MAF Kenya and CURE International continues to make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children. With each condition, there’s a solution from the professional team which in turn gives the children a chance to go back to school, to continue with education and live a normal life.

Some of the children who had previously been examined by the doctors, received mobility devices to help them regain their full mobility. The children seen for the first time, saw the professionals do a mould casting on their limbs to aid in getting the right size of the patient’s feet.

The clinic benefitted many children giving them and their families hope of recovery.

Statistics from the clinic showing the total of patients who benefitted from the safari.

Locations Patients seen Patients in need of surgery
Lodwar 24 3
Kargi 16 5
Namarei 11 1
Total 51 9


As the clinic went on, pastor Emmy shared the word of God, preached hope, and prayed with the children and their guardians.

MAF Pilot Daniel shares his experience while spending time on ground throughout the medical camp.

“One small surgery can make a huge difference in the lives of these kids,” said Daniel.

“Most of the children who came to the clinic suffered burn contractures on their hands and limbs which limited their movements, making it hard for them to attend school; it was great seeing the medical team help these children resume a normal life.”

“I remember one of the kids, who had a mobility device on his foot and had come for a follow-up check-up, once the doctor removed the device from his leg, the boy could walk properly, he had fully recovered his mobility,” said Daniel. What a wonderful sight!

“I was  also excited to meet the doctors and get to see how passionate they are in making a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children.”

Report by: Jacqueline Mwende
Photos by: Acadius Akungwi – CURE

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