Technical Services Manager – MAF Technologies

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MAF Technologies, previously known in PNG as Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF), has been serving the isolated communities of PNG since 1956. MAF Technologies exists to provide technical solutions that help advance the gospel and connect people to the vital services that are needed. They use services such as radio communication, computing, solar lighting and digital audio Bibles. Technology in PNG is advancing rapidly, and MAF Technologies is here to help.

We have a great opportunity for a Technical Services Manager to join our MAF Technologies team to oversee the technical proficiency of MAF Technologies, its services, staff and facilities.


In this role, you will be responsible for overseeing the Technical Service department which includes Electronics, IT and Solar/Electrical. You will bring your technical expertise and provide advice, both internally and externally, as needed to find solutions and ensure quality service.

You will be responsible for planning and maintaining PNG Technical Services annual budget, supervising invoicing, providing regular and special reports, and other administrative duties in conjunction with the Accounts Office.

You will also have the opportunity to facilitate research & development, and lead projects as required.

Our Technical Services team are passionate about our staff development, and therefore we are looking for the right person to be as passionate as we are about coaching, training and supporting our national team members with ongoing work, projects, and learning and development. In this role, you would also be expected to oversee the NATTB apprenticeship program and ensure that technical supervisors are equipped and able to manage trainees.

This role also requires you to maintain and improve personal and professional standards. This will be achieved by undertaking training courses determined necessary by the Programme Manager, modelling a safety culture in line with MAFI standards.

You will support the organisation in its wider activities by attending management meetings, and contributing in meaningful ways to policy making and management decisions. You will also need to participate in monitoring the Radio Network and handling emergency calls.

We are looking for a mature, even tempered team member who is able to develop and maintain good relationships with staff and clients. We expect that you will have organised responsible work habits, able to meet deadlines and work under pressure when needed. You must also be physically fit and able to travel to remote locations as required.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience


Drivers license
Qualification in radio, electronics, computing or related area of technology essential.
Bible College Training/TEE course
Sound theoretical knowledge of all phases of electronics and communications.
Understanding of AC-coupled solar systems.
Understanding of AC/DC coupled systems.
Project Management experience.


A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Engineering
Fluency in English (spoken & written)
Experience working in a cross-cultural team.
Experience in delivering training preferred.
Minimum 5 years experience in radio and/or electronics to have included all or part of the following: servicing and/or manufacture or aerials, radio/audio equipment, electrical appliances, control equipment and other electrical or electronic devices; design and construction of ancillary equipment.
Experience in managing people.

Position Location (s):
  • P.N.G.
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