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Come teach in the “Land of the Unexpected”……PNG!

Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse countries of the world. It wears its nickname, ‘The Land of the Unexpected’ with pride. With over 800 active languages, diverse cultures and customs within each region, navigating this amazing country keeps everyone, even locals, guessing most of the time.

Vital to the work of MAF and other mission organisations on the field, is the education and preparation of the next generation.

Numonohi Christian Academy, Highland Christian Grammar School and Ukarumpa International School, have a critical need for primary and secondary school teachers. Teachers in these schools nurture the growing faith of students, whose parents, both local and international, have committed themselves to the un-reached peoples of Papua New Guinea.

Unfortunately, Covid19 has had many world-wide effects. One of these effects is the loss of many teachers, meaning many of MAF’s school age children have no-one to teach them. It is our hope that we can assist the ongoing work of these schools so that our MAF children go to class, and where possible, local and other missionary children can benefit.

We welcome all enquiries for 2024-2025. The greatest needs for next school year are high school science or math teachers, as well as foreign language teachers (such as German, Spanish and French) and elementary teachers.

Please find some information about the schools below:

Numonohi Christian Academy – Our teachers should be willing to invest their lives in their students beyond just teaching in the classroom. There are opportunities to be involved in coaching, small group Bible studies, music, drama and more. We view teaching as just one facet of the overall discipleship process. Finally, all candidates must be able to adjust to living in another culture and work as a team among people from a variety of countries and backgrounds.

Ukarumpa International School – By Teaching with us at UIS, you will also be supporting the cause of Bible translation. Several hundred language groups in PNG alone have never had any Scripture in their own mother-tongues. Most of the parents of our students are serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators and supporting this Bible translation process. By teaching their children, you would be helping these families to stay on the field and continue in the work they came here to do. Teachers must be proficient in English.

Highlands Christian Grammar School – Highlands Christian Grammar School provides a solid, international-quality Christian education for expatriate (mission) families, and local families whose aspirations require a level of education that will allow them to continue their studies overseas, and who desire to build a strong academic, cultural and spiritual basis for their children. We are located in the beautiful highlands of Papua New Guinea where produce is plentiful and people are hard-working. The school is located right in the city of Mt Hagen close to amenities, service and the airport. Join with us for a dynamic and fulfilling next step in your career where ministry and work are beautifully one and the fruit of your work is evident every day.

These roles offer the opportunity, not only for classroom teaching with bright and dedicated students, but also curriculum development and lesson planning with Biblical integration. Teachers also have the opportunity to live in vibrant communities with their fellow teaching staff and the wider community, while building authentic and meaningful relationships with students as they grow and learn together.

Adhering to pre-existing curriculum, management of classroom and student discipline will be expected, as well as attendance at staff team meetings and professional educational activities. There are also many opportunities to be involved in coaching, small group bible studies, music, drama and much more. Teaching is one facet of the discipleship process.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience

Bachelor’s degree in education or teaching field
Teaching credentials/certification from state or country of origin
At least one year of classroom teaching experience
Proficient in the English language
Teachers must be able to adjust to living in another culture and working as a team among people from a variety of countries and backgrounds.


Overseas/missions experience or teaching in a cross cultural context would be an advantage but is not a necessity
Teachers should be willing to invest their lives in their students beyond just teaching in the classroom.

Position Location (s):
  • P.N.G.
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