Juba Christian Academy – Juba, South Sudan

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is an organisation using light aircraft to deliver help, hope and healing in over 30 developing countries. For over 75 years, MAF has been transporting patients, relief workers, produce and medical supplies to the world’s remotest regions and places of deepest human need – places where flying is not a luxury but a lifeline.

South Sudan is a country located in East Central Africa which shares a border with six neighbouring countries. It is a young sovereign nation having gained independence in 2011.The terrain and geographical barriers, including the Sudd, one of the world’s largest wetlands, means that those that live there struggle to gain access to some of those services we take for granted. A three-hour flight for one of our partners can save a week’s journey overland in the dry season and a month in the wet season.

To enable MAF to do this critical work, we are in urgent need of Primary School teachers to be seconded to Juba Christian Academy. JCA is a small but growing mission school that strives to provide high quality international education in a loving Christian environment. The school primarily serves the children of families in Juba working with MAF, SIL and other mission organisations. Without this school, MAF pilots and managers with young families would be unable to commit to working in South Sudan.


As a teacher at Juba Christian Academy, you will plan and prepare lessons based on an international curriculum currently rooted in the North American Curriculum but modified for our context.

You will teach in multi-grade level classrooms, establishing a calm, purposeful and respectful learning environment. Lessons will meet the strengths and needs of each individual and use pedagogical approaches to engage children and support them in their learning. You will assess regularly and plan appropriately for next steps, reporting clearly to parents. You will contribute to the Christian community of the school, committing to the spiritual development of children.

Full participation in all aspects of the life of the school is part of this exciting and essential role.

Your role requires:

creativity when working with limited resources.
flexibility as you adapt to the changing needs of the school community
an ability to adjust to living in another culture and working in a cross-cultural team environment
a positive, resilient attitude towards challenge and change

Other duties include safeguarding, supervision, the establishment of excellent working relationships with parents and families and a commitment to professional development and staff training.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience

Bachelor’s degree in education or teaching field
Teaching credentials/certification from state or country of origin
At least one year of primary classroom teaching experience
Proficient in both spoken and written English language
A personal commitment to follow Christ and His calling and to uphold the values of the school
Proven team work skills


Overseas teaching or mission experience in a cross cultural context
Training in Biblical approach to cross cultural mission
Experience in teaching in multi-level classrooms
A relevant subject/early years specialism
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) qualification

Position Location (s):
  • South Sudan
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