The Great Wheelbarrow Race

This weekend (16-18th May) a group of 10 MAF staff from Cairns and Mareeba will pick up a wheelbarrow and run for 140km! They’re taking part in what’s known as ‘The Great Wheelbarrow Race’.

I know what you’re thinking: “that sounds painful”. What’s even more impressive is that this will be the second time they’ll attempt such a race. After all the sore muscles, the aches, the pains, the bus breakdowns, they’re going to do it again.

Why? The answer is fuel.

As you know we’ve been able to fund a second aircraft for Timor-Leste. You’ll probably also know that right now we’re trying to raise as much fuel for it as we can – to fuel all the wonderful life-changing flights God has in store for it.

The team are hoping to raise $5000 in sponsorship – the equivalent of 100 jerrycans (each one holding 20 litres and giving 20 minutes of flying).

You, like us, may not be all that keen on running 140kms with a wheelbarrow, but maybe you want to ‘join them’ by sponsoring the run.


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