Clothing Children with Love

Clothing Children with Love: MAF’s Partnership with Global Kids Clothes and Crisis Accommodation Gove.

Earlier this year we shared with you a need to launch an emergency flight program in Arnhem Land. Thanks to your generous partnership, this program is now providing emergency flights to those escaping from life-threatening domestic violence situations around the homelands of Arnhem Land to fly to safe havens in Gove and Elcho Island.

In circumstances where mothers need to evacuate from life threatening situations, their children often arrive with only the clothes they are wearing at the time.  This is where Global Kids Clothes come in.  Clothes, handmade with love, are used to provide much needed supplies for these children in crisis.

Earlier this year, MAF formed a partnership with Global Kids Clothes and Crisis Accommodation Gove to deliver, on a bi-annual basis, 50 sets of boys and girls handmade clothing to the children in need.

We are very excited to announce that the first lot of these clothes have been sent and we are sure they will be a blessing to these precious children.

Global Kids Clothes was founded by Denise McKnight, after retiring from school teaching.  Denise was inspired by a 99-year-old lady called Lillian Weber, who decided that by her 100 birthday she would sew 1 000 dresses for her charity called Little Dresses for Africa.  Her goal was met two months in advanced.  This was the inspiration Denise needed.  In March 2015, Denise with the help of her local church created a group called Global Kids Clothes.

Upon founding the group, Denise got to work and started sewing.  In the first two weeks Denise sewed solo with nobody showing up to join her.  By the fourth week they had 5 ladies sewing, five years on there are four ladies at home sewing, 14 sewing in house and just under 20 women in total.  All the ladies are volunteers, using donated fabric and resources.  With each handmade garment a pair of undies are provided for the girls.  Fund raising is done on a regular basis to support this work.  Over the past 5 years Global Kids Clothes have hand sown an amazing 5 800 outfits and clothed over 4 000 children in need.

The Global Kids Clothes sewers are a talented bunch who are using their sewing skills and passion for helping children in need to make a difference in this world and we thank them for their partnership.

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