Program Chaplain and Member Care Support – PNG

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is an organisation using light aircraft to deliver help and hope in Jesus’ name in over 30 developing countries. For more than 75 years, MAF has been transporting patients, relief workers, produce and medical supplies to the world’s remotest regions and places of deepest human need – places where flying is not a luxury but a lifeline.

We operate in Papua New Guinea, which is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Only 18 percent of its population live in urban centres. The majority live in very remote areas with little or no transportation options. MAF PNG is one of our biggest programs where we support local infrastructure and logistics surrounding missions. From life-saving medical evacuations to transporting essential supplies, MAF transforms the lives of the people of this country physically and spiritually.

To support this vital work in PNG, we now require a Program Chaplain and Member Care Support couple who will be responsible for providing pastoral care and counselling to both international and locally employed team members within the PNG Program.


Given the unique stresses of the PNG context and the large number of team members (more than 120 international, including dependants), this is an instrumental role to ensure that team members go beyond merely ‘surviving’ their ministry calling in PNG with MAF, to truly ‘thriving’!

Beyond the pastoral care / counselling aspect, this role includes elements of hospitality, orientation coordination, and facilitation of support for remotely based team members. Effective care will result in improved retention rates of both internationally and locally employed team members. This position is best suited for a co-ministering couple.

The successful candidates must have exceptional communication skills and be able to quickly build a rapport with new and existing team members. Extensive experience with all aspects of self-care, peer support, pastoral care and professional crisis and trauma events support are essential in caring for, and identifying the needs of our team members and their families, as well as offering spiritual, emotional and prayer support where appropriate. Managing a library of recommend reading and/or making resources available that will encourage staff in their relationship with the Lord would be advantageous.

The role also involves coordinating and facilitating morning devotions (Lotu), weekly prayer meetings, and special services & prayer days. We are also looking for you to organise and lead wellbeing workshops.

Another essential function is chairing the Housing and Orientation Committee. This involves working in conjunction with the HR Manager and Member Care Coordinator to facilitate the On-boarding of new International Staff . Your role would include connecting and communicating with newly accepted staff to prepare them for life in PNG, discussing educational options for children, scheduling of orientation events such as language training, village experience, local orientation, coordinating housing arrangements, meals, and managing schedules for incoming visitors and in-country personnel who are transiting through Mt. Hagen. Overseeing regular updating of the Orientation and Beyond booklet, along with other pertinent orientation documents is also part of the role.

Maintaining confidentiality practices and ensuring any safeguarding concerns are reported immediately are a priority. Providing member care trend data, identifying areas of concern and providing general feedback to is a requirement of the role, so that Leadership Teams and Resourcing Groups can be informed of staff welfare.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience
Job related role essentials:

Bible school tertiary level or equivalent qualification.
Qualification that must include competencies in ‘mental health’ and ‘making appropriate referrals.’
Pastoral care, chaplaincy, or equivalent qualification (minimum Cert IV or equivalent).
Previous service on the mission field with understanding of the associated challenges of living and working cross-culturally.
Significant experience providing formal pastoral care or counselling.
Able to act confidentially at all times.
Willingness to travel and provide care outside of normal office hours.
Active listening skills, socially confident and able to relate well to others.
A deep trust in God and a love of people.
Discreet, honest, patient, empathetic, non judgemental, observant, open-minded, level headed.

Job related role desirables:

Experience in crisis and trauma debriefing / counselling.
Previous service in Papua New Guinea, West Papua, or similar.

Position Location (s):
  • P.N.G.
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