Stamina in the Air

Posted: on June 3, 2013

Story by Paul Beck

Every Village exists to glorify God through the literal transformationstamina_in_the_air_2_300 of every village in South Sudan. This non-governmental organisation’s goal thus requires access to some very remote locations, which is why their partnership with MAF is both vital and strategic.

Training local believers in church-planting, reaching out through evangelistic broadcasts or showing God’s love through the provision of basics such as water, Every Village is engaged in a truly holistic ministry. Much of that work depends though upon bringing in skilled Christians from overseas, for short or extended periods of service. Particularly in the latter case, these mission workers need a place to stay and Every Village are actively building suitable accommodation for them.

Besides MAF’s logistical support, Pilot Simon Wunderli recently flew for ten hours to collect Andrew, an Every Village volunteer from America who had been overseeing the construction of three houses in Nasir and needed urgent medical attention. Nasir is a particularly challenging location to reach, requiring days of travel on the Nile and Sobat rivers. Road travel is rarely an option most times of the year because of the poor infrastructure or impassable floods during the rainy season. Knowing all that Every Village are involved in across one of the world’s neediest nations, Simon passed the test of endurance and brought the worker to a place where he could get professional medical help.

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