Helping Every Village In Every Way

Posted: on June 6, 2013

By Paul Beck

Every Village is behind a transformational ministry across South Sudan. The country’s minimal infrastructure remains a major obstacle though, making the organisation’s partnership with MAF vital. Two key members of Every Village staff explain more.

Blake Mankin – Every Village Advocacy Director

We’re incredibly grateful for the way MAF makes such profound impact in South Sudan possible. Each March, MAF enables us to bring key Every Village supporters to each of our focus areas in the country. This annual trip is designed to analyse our work, and team members provide an assessment on how we can improve in the future. MAF is helping facilitate this trip, allowing our ministry in South Sudan to grow in size and quality.

In addition, MAF flights allow us to visit our water well sites and survey new areas in need of access to clean water. One MAF flight enabled us to meet Garang, where we learned that before a well was in his village, many people had to walk miles to fetch unsafe water. Now, there’s a well right here pumping clean and safe water. MAF flights enable us to continue drilling, surveying, and maintaining water wells, so Garang’s story can be repeated all over the country.

every_village_5_300Kerry Henderson – Every Village Country Director

We love MAF and we can sing their praises all day long!

We use MAF on average every two months out of the year. We have projects going on in three areas of South Sudan, involving water, radio and also outreach teams. Since we have so much going on we are always using MAF to get our people to these places.

The difference MAF makes to our work in the field is huge. With MAF we are able to get to the hard to reach places faster and quicker. With the short- term mission teams we offer, these people are on a tight schedule to maximise the impact and we need to get them in and out quickly. MAF helps us to do this.

We also wanted to work where other organisations are not working, the hard to reach places, and thus we need MAF to help us get there. For all of our sites we use MAF to travel because with the roads being in such bad condition you could find yourself taking weeks to reach your destination.

every_village_1_300MAF has helped us get the Gospel to the people of South Sudan, not only transporting mission teams but also by assisting us with our radio ministry. In a country facing a dismal literacy rate, the Bible being broadcast over the radio is the only access many people have to God’s word.

MAF is definitely a key part of the ministry God has called us to do here in South Sudan and we would be hard pressed to do this work without them!

All images credited to Every Village

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