Help train future MAF Pilots

This is the kind of aircraft we need to purchase for the MAF Training school in Mareeba.

To date, over 100 MAF pilots have been trained in Australia. It’s an incredible thought when you consider how many lives have been impacted in communities across the globe as a result of this training.

This Cessna 182 is the next chapter in our ministry together, and vital to ensure our pilots receive the best training possible.

The aircraft will cost approximately $453,000 AUD.

Across the world, MAF supporters are coming together to fund the aircraft. 

Your support will help ensure MAF pilots receive the most up-to-date training possible, so they can continue to transform lives and communities around the world.

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Invest in a critically needed new training aircraft.

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Our current training aircraft are very old

The current training aircraft we use are very old. One of them has nearly 20,000 flight hours. The instrumentation is out of date and different to the aircraft used in the field.

Our current aircraft is too slow

The current Cessna 172 used for Instrument Flying (flying without external visual references) is a slower aircraft than what we have on the field. This difference in speed can impact the way a pilot perceives time and space.

Ready for the future

In pilot training, what is learnt at a primary level is retained. Training MAF pilots on the Cessna 182 from day one - at a representative speed - will ultimately have a greater impact on that pilot flourishing as they progress to more advanced levels and take on greater challenges.

Why do we need this new aircraft?

This is a Cessna 182

I am praying that this Christmas, we in Australia can contribute $100,000 to this vital project. 

That is why I’m asking for your investment today.

Ultimately this is an investment in people.

It is a kingdom investment that will return for many years to come as MAF pilots enter the mission field fully equipped to take hope, healing and good news to people in the most remote parts of the world.

Ian McDougall
General Manager | MAF Australia

Thank you!

I will give $

Funds raised in addition to the target amount will be used to support programs where the need is deemed to be the greatest.

Donations in Australia over AUD$2 are tax deductible through MAF Assist DGR 1 ABN 23301106261.

YES, I will help fund the critically needed training aircraft!

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