Our team at Kajjansi airfield in Uganda has contacted us with an urgent request.

The MAF tractor that has been of faithful service at the airfield for over 20 years has become unreliable and keeps breaking down. It is in desperate need of a replacement.

The MAF tractor is crucial to the whole airbase operation - from transporting safety and fire equipment, towing aircraft, hauling equipment, and mowing the grass so we can take off and land safely.

We need a NEW larger, 92 horsepower tractor that will improve the efficiency of flights taking off and arriving at Kajjansi to ensure that MAF’s operations in Uganda can continue.

To purchase and deliver the new tractor it will cost around $80,000 AUD. 

I’m asking for your generous gift and partnership to help purchase this new tractor, so that more people can be reached in Uganda.

Thank you so much for your generosity, and your care for some of the most remote people in the world. 

In His service, 

Ian McDougall
General Manager | MAF Australia

Your support today will help fund a desperately needed new tractor for the Kajjansi airbase to continue MAF operations in Uganda.

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Invest in a critically needed new tractor for Kajjansi airfield.

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Our current tractor is 20 years old

Since that first day, 20 years ago, the current faithful workhorse has played a critical role in supporting every flight that has left this Kajjansi MAF airbase. However, it is now old and unreliable.

Our current tractor keeps breaking down

The current tractor has broken down several times a year and has had to be towed off the runway to get it out of the way of incoming aircraft!- it is the vehicle that’s meant to be doing the towing!

A tractor assists with airbase operations

The MAF tractor is hard at work transporting safety and fire equipment, towing aircraft, hauling equipment, and mowing the grass so we can take off and land safely - it's a crucial equipment to the whole airbase operation.

Why do we need a new tractor?

Our tractor has served the Kajjansi airfield for over 20 years. But it desperately needs to be replaced.

Thank you for your generosity!

I will give $

Donations in Australia over AUD$2 are tax deductible through MAF Assist DGR 1 ABN 23301106261.Funds raised in addition to the target amount will be used to support programs where the need is deemed to be the greatest.

YES, I will help fund a critically needed new tractor!

* Kajjansi airbase, Uganda

The NEW tractor we need to help our Kajjansi airbase.

A bigger tractor (92 HP compared to 48 HP) will mean that that the airfield will be equipped to deal with heavier aircraft in towing. As an added bonus, the new tractor is equipped with a cage to protect the driver in case it rolls in the swampy areas.

The 20 year old tractor in action at Kajjansi airbase.

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