The installation of the solar power systems will have a tremendous impact on the MAF Technology Services ministry:

  • It will allow us to be self-sufficient, enabling the team to carry out the ministry uninterrupted.

  • It will improve living conditions so that our team’s daily lives are not affected to the same degree.

  • It will save precious financial resources – allowing us to reallocate them into the day to day ministry. Power from the grid in PNG is double the cost of electricity in Australia and continues to rise each year.

Uninterrupted power is urgently needed for the MAF compounds in Goroka, PNG.

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Why is this needed?

Late last year in Goroka, PNG - during the early hours of the morning – one of the MAF Technology Services compounds (known locally as CRMF) was broken into and ransacked.

As you can understand our families serving the area were rattled by this incident. Unfortunately this was just one of four targeted attacks on our Goroka compounds in as many months. Papua New Guinea is changing and new risks are emerging for our families serving in the area. Whilst MAF continues to enjoy a wonderful relationship with our local staff and the broader Goroka community, inadequate policing and ongoing civil unrest have contributed to a growth in the risk of attacks from would-be criminals in the area.

But there is another contributing factor, perhaps the most significant one: unreliable compound lighting at night. During the frequent blackouts – some which last for several hours at night - our staff are on edge, knowing that their homes and families are at increased risk of attack. The thieves are given the cover of complete darkness.

What is the cost of the project?

Under God, we eventually plan to install solar panels on all the MAF compounds in Goroka. This will require approximately AUD $500,000.

Today we are beginning with the three MAF Technology Services compounds – where the recent attacks have taken place. We can achieve this at a cost of AUD $135,000.

Any funds raised in addition to the target amount will be used to support programs where the need is deemed to be the greatest.

How often do blackouts occur?

General Manager, Michael Wakefield, describes the reality the team faces each day:

“We would typically experience a daily blackout of half an hour but often it is several hours or most of the day. Of course this affects our computer servers, and wifi-linked HF radio with which we monitor calls for medevacs. It also takes a toll on our daily lifestyle. For example, after an hour, our properties lack water due to the pressure pump not being in operation.”

I have more questions

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Help provide uninterrupted light to the MAF Technology families serving in Goroka

Help provide uninterrupted light to the MAF Technology families serving in Goroka

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