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For 75 years, engineers have partnered alongside pilots, managers, teachers, administrators and many other professionals to bring transformation to remote communities.

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We understand that getting to know a mission organisation - and the part that you can play in it - can be a daunting process. So we've put together a short enquirer pack to help you discover what it means to use your engineering skills with MAF.

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MAF is always looking for people who want to transform isolated communities

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Who is MAF?

For 70 years MAF has flown over rivers, jungles, swamps and mountains to bring medical assistance, community development, Christian Hope and disaster relief. Today it is a network of 1400 industry professionals - including Engineers - dedicated to seeing transformation devlivered in over 30 countries.

Isn't MAF all about pilots

We get that a lot. Yes, we do need pilots to do this mission, but those roles are just a fraction of what it takes to keep us serving the remote communities around the world.

To give you an idea, we also need accountants, IT technicians, administrators, instructors, teachers and home school support teachers, logistics managers, programme managers, building maintenance staff, operations managers, quality managers, communication specialists, learning technologies staff - and of course engineers!

What does it take to serve with MAF?

Over and above various technical skill sets, we are looking for people with servants hearts. People called by God, qualified and dedicated with a passion to serve God in worldwide ministry. People who will go the distance to share God’s love – no matter what the barriers may be.

People with servant’s attitudes that are flexible enough to adapt, while still able to work within the highest technical standards. People who want to serve God through their skills and talents to help deliver relief and development in Jesus name.

What are the current roles available?

Before you get too far down that road, we'd love you to take the online journey (above) and get to know MAF a bit more.

To look at our current vacancies click here.


See our current vacancies
See our current vacancies

You're probably wondering...

Your skills and passion for engineering translates into help, hope and healing for some of the most isolated people on the planet.

For 75 years, MAF has been serving isolated people by using aircraft to bring in the essentials of life as well as medical care, emergency food, and Christian hope. 

1800 650 169 | [email protected] 
MAF Australia ABN: 26 134 583 887

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Terms and conditions  ◦  Privacy policy
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1800 650 169 | [email protected] 
MAF Australia ABN: 26 134 583 887