Students Embrace Taking to the Skies for God!

We want every Christian in Australia to know about what we do. In the past 12 months or so MAF has had the pleasure of being invited into 21 schools throughout Australia and given the opportunity through creative and interactive presentations to educate students of the work of MAF; informing them of the plight of the isolated and inspiring them to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

With great fondness, a number of teaching staff have shared personal experiences and stories of their encounters with MAF.  Prior to the presentation most students have never heard of the work of MAF.  In fact, when MAF comes to mind they naturally think of the TV show Married at First Sight.   Due to God opening doors, over 7000 students have heard about the amazing work of MAF.

Students embrace the Flying for Life video (CLICK HERE to watch the video) with great interest!  In fact, the very first time the video was shown it was received with spontaneous applause by the student body.  It was lovely to see the students being touched by the video footage of MAF missionaries actively being Jesus’ hands and feet to those in need.

We at MAF want to inspire the younger generation to be part of something bigger by bringing Jesus’ love to the isolated.  The are many touching stories coming out of the school’s program with perhaps the most tear jerking story thus far being at the close of a chapel service when the MAF presenter was getting ready to leave and a group of year 7 students surrounded her in a circle.  The students were wide-eyed and spoke with soft hearts about how they could help the isolated.  They said, “we just want to help, what can we do?”  It is exciting to see how God is moving among this generation.

Many students are inspired to action after becoming aware of the work of MAF.   We answer lots of student’s questions from how big a plane is to how many medevacs we do each year!   The younger students enjoy the complimentary pens, stickers and fridge magnets.  We also encourage the kids that have a passion already in their heart for the isolated, to consider helping or become a pilot or engineer with MAF someday.

We at MAF sit back in wonderment at the work that God is doing in the hearts and minds of the younger generation and look forward to more and more stories as God continues to open doors and place missional hearts in the next generation.

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