Precious in God’s Site – An Update on a Medevac from 9 years ago

“What can be more special than walking through the front door of your house and being leapt on by a nine-year old girl and given a great big hug? Especially when that nine-year old girl probably wouldn’t have survived if you hadn’t done a medical evacuation flight nine years ago …“ shares Michael Duncalfe, our most senior pilot with almost 25 years experience of flying a MAF aircraft to bring help and hope to the people of remote Papua New Guinea.

He continues, “Nine years ago, Peggy was in trouble with a difficult birth. I flew her to Mount Hagen from her home village of Koinambe, and she gave birth to Nicki – named for my wife Nicki who visited and helped Peggy while she was in hospital.“

“Here are Nicki and Peggy on a recent visit to town. Peggy was supporting her father who was waiting for an operation. Nicki is living with Peggy’s sister so that she can go to a better school than would be possible in her home village.

If I hadn’t been able to do that flight nine years ago … ?“

“Every year MAF PNG does somewhere in the region of 400 medevacs. Each person has their story; each one is a life; each one is precious in God’s sight.“

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