Engineering through Covid-19

As our world changes to cope with Covid-19, so do the ways in which Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) can help our local communities. Mareeba Engineers Phil Snell and Ben Sibthorpe were made aware that the local doctors at Mareeba hospital were keen to get a special shield made for use with Covid-19 patients, to help protect the staff from infection. One of the doctors contacted MAF to see if we could help; The Engineering team got straight to work and built the first prototype, referred to as ‘Mark One’ within a day.

After the doctors had some practice with the first model, they requested that some additions and changes be made.  The engineers then used the CNC machine to produce ‘Mark Two’.

We have already been asked to produce another ‘Mark Two’ for a second hospital and who knows where that might lead.

MAF service is so often about using what you have to help the people God has placed around you.  This is just one example of what happens every day.

MAF Mareeba are blessed to have engineering staff with amazing abilities.  Thanks to Ben & Jack Sibthorpe for the machining and Craig for his incredible abilities with scratch removal.

Written and photographs taken by Phil Snell

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