CRMF Bible Box Testimonies, Prayer Requests and Statistics

The Bible Box is a project that both MAF and CRMF partner together on. It’s quite a simple idea, but it’s life-changing for people who have no access to Christian resources and Bibles.

What is the Bible Box?

The Bible Box is a plastic toolbox stuffed to the brim with Tok Pisin Bibles, audio Bibles, Jesus Film, reading glasses, memory cards, Bible handbooks, WIFIBible and more. All these products CRMF supplies and we give these Bible Boxes out to MAF pilots.

What’s so exciting about a cheap plastic toolbox? Well, it’s what we use to store bibles and other Christian resources to take to sell in the communities we visit. (You may be wondering why we don’t just give them away? It’s because culturally the people do not value something that has cost them nothing. So instead, we heavily subsidise them to reduce the costs to something they can afford).

Below are some stories and testimonies from our MAF Australia pilots and MAF Papua New Guinea staff who help hand out these valuable resources.

Paul Woodington

Paul Woodington is the only pilot flying in the remote Wewak region of northern Papua New Guinea – where there are no proper roads and people regularly travel over severe terrain.

After coming back from a weekend outreach in the bush, where he took Bibles and solar powered audio Bibles, he came away with all of the audio bibles sold and back orders of 20.

“ …one family purchased this audio bible from me, 3hours walk away from Guriaso in the West Sepik. They are very pleased to have this bible. All weekend we could hear people listening to their Bibles.

“Please can you send another 100.”

“I cannot tell you how much this ministry means to so many people. When I turn up at a remote station like Sisamin, last week, they purchased everything I had. All Bibles, commentaries, lights [*solar light kits], eye glasses.”


Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers is a MAF Pilot based in Goroka Eastern Highlands Province.

“Ande was the first community I got the opportunity to pull out my new bible box. And one lady really took it upon herself to help me sell all of them all. She was so excited about the low price we were selling them for (according to her, half that of what they sell them for even in major towns where supply is easy).”

Dave was touched as people gathered around to buy the bibles.

“I’d try to imagine how many people that each one was going to impact.”

Dave also had some solar powered audio bibles with him. One man came up and purchased one. “He told me of how excited he was to be able to share it with his mother, who could not read, and would now be able to listen to it whenever she pleased.”

Andrew Little

Andrew Little is an Australian MAF pilot who previously served in PNG.

After flying to an airstrip, he has talked about people who have walked hours and hours or even up to half a day on the off chance that they might be able to buy a bible out of the back of the plane.

“We’re seeing God push back the darkness with the light of his word as people uncover more about who he is.”

Luke Newell

“While at Yifki today the NTM missionaries there were asking Simon and me if we happened to have any audio Bibles. We had our Bible Box with us and, as this was the first stop of the day, it was full. We were able to sell them four audio Bibles which she lends out to some of the youth at Yifki. The youth are using the English audio Bibles to hear the gospel but also to learn English – win-win!

When everyone saw the Bible Box come out, immediately there was a steady stream of people eager to buy Tok Pisin Bibles and within a few minutes, the box was empty apart from a couple of English Bibles.

We enjoy being able to support the missionaries and the Yifki community using the airplane and the Bible Box.”

Todd Aebischer

Todd Aebischer is the MAF program manager for PNG. On one occasion he climbed aboard a flight with a Bible Box flying to Abuluwa. Once landed, the locals explained to him that the closest road was a 1 ½ days walk for them.

“MAF represents their lifeline for medical evacuations, supplies, and on this day…BIBLES!”

One man approached the plane and started asking after Bibles.

“I was humbled as the man took everything we had and asked if he couldn’t please get more. More people wanted to have their own copy of the Bible in their language. We emptied our box and assured the man that more would come on the next plane.” – Todd Aebischer

“We cannot meet the demand that out there in the remote areas. You talk to the MAF pilots and they say the 1st airstrip that they land, the whole box is sold out!” – Bryan Matthews, deputy general

“Even after the earthquake when many had gathered at the airstrips and they were asking for food and water and basic things, they were also asking for the Bibles. We had calls coming in from the people working on the ground asking us to put Bibles on the airplanes.” – Sharlene Coker with MAF

CRMF never has any problem selling their printed Bibles or audio Bibles. In fact, they usably can’t get an order in soon enough for the growing demand. Importing Bibles into PNG can be a very difficult and frustrating process.

We face a many of hurtles and barriers to bring in God’s word. You can pray for:

This year CRMF has sold 1043 Audio Bibles and 1980 Tok Pisin Bibles, and they are still more being shipped out right now!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

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