Changing the Ending: One Face Mask at a Time

COVID-19 has brought about challenges that we at MAF were not even aware of. This being a shortage of personal protection equipment for our medical flights and our partner organisations providing health services. Most of the homelands we service in the Northern Territory do not have fully equipped surgeries, clinics or full time Doctors, they rely on fly-in fly-out services.

When the cry went out for face masks for Arnhem Land, our small team went onto our knees and then onto the phones, talking to God first then to you, and as always you responded big time. Over 5,000 face masks within the month arrived on our doorstep as well as donations to cover the cost of shipping. Thank you everyone.

A huge shout out to Convoy of Hope, Ecomed and every other organisation, church and individual who has contributed to the need.

Your overwhelming generosity has allowed us to not only assist Arnhem Land but also our other teams serving in different programs.

Earlier this week, our team in Arnhem Land were able to give the Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation, hundreds of the N95 masks generously donated by Convoy of Hope.

The Laynhapuy Doctors, Nurses and Clinicians care for 20 remote communities in East Arnhem Land and were so excited to receive these gifts made possible by you our partners.

As we all continue to battle the pandemic and its devastating effects on family, friends, business and Churches, I stand in awe of our God who allows us to be part of something bigger than ourselves, sharing light into the darkness through the gift of a face mask that keeps our people,  our partners and the Yolngu people safe. We can change the ending one face mask at a time.

In His Name,

Ian McDougall
CEO, MAF Australia

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