A unique way to raise money for MAF!

We’d like to introduce you to Angelo.

Angelo is a physics teacher at a school in Palermo, Italy – the city where he was born and raised. What’s interesting about Angelo is that he also holds a private pilot’s license and uses it in a unique way to raise money and share the story of MAF.

In his spare time, Angelo takes people on flight tours over the Gulf of Palermo City. In the last five years, he has flown over 150 people. Angelo uses this time (and the fact that he has a captive audience!) to share with people about MAF, his other great passion.

At the end of his flights, he gives his passengers a bible and a copy of the most recent MAF newsletter. He says that many of the people he flies are excited to give a donation to MAF Italy. He writes, “It is a privilege for me to do this, as long as God gives me the strength and the means”.

We love stories like this! If you’d like to get involved in sharing the story of MAF – even in unusual ways! – we’d love to hear from you. Click here for more information

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