A Story of Grace

This is a story of Grace. Emma Grace.

She has just started second grade in the remote Indonesian province of Papua.

She is alive today only by the Grace of God because, when Emma Grace was just two days old, she was left to die.

Her teenage parents are part of the Moi tribe. Because of a false belief that persisted for generations, Emma Grace’s father assumed his wife had been unfaithful during his absence from their village. (They have a tragically mistaken belief that a baby cannot grow in its mother’s womb if the father is not present.)

So, he ordered his wife to kill Emma Grace as soon as she was born.

Just in time

Many people living in the most isolated places on earth have never heard the name of Jesus.

In this media-saturated century, this may be hard to believe, but it’s true. As a result, many people still hold false beliefs that do not reflect the heart of God.

Which is why Emma Grace’s distraught mother found herself abandoning her daughter to the elements and reluctantly placing her in a net bag to hang outside the hut until she was dead.

But, because MAF aircraft were supporting the work of two missionary couples in that village, God’s protection was with little Emma Grace.

When the missionaries heard what was happening, they raced to save the little girl’s life.

They were just in time.

What a testimony!

This was several years ago but today, Emma Grace is thriving happily and her family have become strong believers in Christ.

In fact, Emma Grace is now part of the very first class in a brand new mission school. The materials used to construct the building, and the vital teachers from Jakarta to run the school, amongst other things, were flown in by MAF.

Emma Grace is excited about school and her relationship with the Lord. She was inspired to make up the words and tune to a song about her salvation which you can hear on this video HERE.

What a testimony of Grace!

Change the Ending

Papua is just one of 26 countries in which a MAF programme maintains a daily lifeline for the world’s most isolated people. It is a land where rugged mountains, dense jungles and active volcanoes stand between more than 250 ethnic groups and the rest of the world.

Since 1952, MAF has served Papua – supporting churches and mission projects. Today, 15 aircraft and approximately 160 staff serve 200 remote villages and airstrips, from 7 bases spread across the country.

MAF flies 88 partner organisations that provide medical assistance, community development, education, crisis relief, and training and leadership development for Papuans.

Our mission is to be there whatever the need, even in an extreme case like that of Emma Grace. Because her story was about to end and would have done so if it weren’t for people like YOU.

And you can Change the Ending for so many more people like Emma Grace whose stories would be over almost before they had begun.

Find out how you can Change the Ending and create endless possibilities across the world.



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