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On September 28, 2018, a deadly earthquake and tsunami hit the coast of Indonesia. 

MAF is providing disaster relief flights to facilitate aid efforts on Sulawesi Island.

MAF is a locally registered foundation in Indonesia and is in an ideal position to provide aid and support. 

Using aircraft, we have the ability to reach people that others cannot.

It is currently estimated that:
• 1,900 people have lost their lives (and many more are seriously injured)
• 71,000 people have lost their homes and are displaced
• 141 evacuation sites are sheltering these people

 Your gift today is urgently needed to help us reach the remote and isolated parts of Indonesia with relief in their time of need.

Help us reach the isolated communities affected by the recent tsunami in Indonesia with relief, medical supplies and hope. 

Gifts in Australia over $2 for aid, development and relief flights are tax deductible through MAF Assist DGR 1 ABN 23301106261

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Who is MAF?

For 70 years MAF has flown over rivers, jungles, swamps and mountains to bring medical assistance, community development, Christian Hope and this kind of disaster relief. Today it is a network of 1400 aviation professionals operating 140 aircraft in around 25 countries.

MAF flew help to the tsunami disaster in Indonesia in 2004, Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh in 2007, the Haiti earthquake in 2010, the Horn of Africa famine in 2011, the Ebola epidemic in Congo in 2013 and the earthquake in Nepal in 2014.

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The MAF team arrived in Palu on Tuesday the 2nd Oct and immediately set to work.

“Some of our first flights were to evacuate school children from Palu back to their homes in the Ampana area,” said John Woodberry, MAF’s global director of Disaster Response. “They had been waiting at the hangar for a couple days before we even arrived. They were hungry, so we fed them as well. We’ve also been flying in personnel from other relief agencies that are arriving to help.”

Since a lot of communication infrastructure has been damaged by the quake, MAF has set up a VSAT communication system at the Palu airport. This allows aid agencies to communicate with their teams in other places.


There is an estimated need of approximately $140,000 AUD to cover the emergency relief flights during this time.

In the event that more funds are raised than is warranted for the Indonesia emergency response the remaining funds will be used to support other programs where the need is deemed to be the greatest.

Now is their time of need.

Your gift today is urgently needed to help us reach the remote and isolated parts of Indonesia with relief in their time of need.

MAF has already been involved in a preliminary emergency response to these areas and we anticipate that our involvement will greatly increase over the coming weeks.

Emergency medical evacuations
Our first medevac passenger following the incident was Nagei Waruka, from a remote village called Huya. She was covered by one of the landslides. She survived but tragically lost her entire family in the landslide. 

She is pregnant and in a critical condition with injuries to her legs, back and arms. Men from the village carried her across a river and up to the airstrip where MAF was able to transport her to Mt Hagen for treatment.

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