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Tom & Gemma Meeks

Serving in Mareeba

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The Story

Tom and Gemma Meeks have been called to work in Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). Tom was born and raised in
Indianapolis, Indiana. At the age of 17, Tom joined the US Navy and stayed in for 20 years until he retired in 1998. Tom has been in aviation maintenance since 1978. He retired from the USN and got a job overseas with a posting to Australia, where he met the love of his life Gemma!

Tom became a Christian later in life and loves the Lord and is committed to providing a good Christian home life for his family.

Gemma was born in the Australian Capital Territory of Canberra. She has been a fulltime wife, mother and homeschool teacher to the Meeks children. Gemma currently homeschools two of the four children and has a passion for connecting with people of all ages and sharing the wonderful news of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Daniel (17) is interested in IT and is furthering his vocation in aviation maintenance through a certificate course at Aviation Australia. Laura (14) reads books faster than anyone they know. Ellie (6) is ready for a start in school and loves life. Mathew (3) is growing faster than a corn stalk in the spring!

Tom’s call to mission work was born out of his strong desire to be obedient to God’s will, and he is glad to partner in this journey with his wife Gemma and their children. Gemma has had a desire to be more involved in missions since she was a teen. Working in missions is still new to the family, and they are excited to continue to be used by God in Tom’s career and through their family life, as they are obedient to God’s direction in their lives.

The family has been living in Mt Hagen, Papua New Guinea, for the last 4 years and is transferring within MAF to the heavy maintenance facility located in the township of Mareeba, Queensland, in Australia.

Tom will become the Chief of Maintenance, and Gemma will have a little more time with two children starting school. She prays for more opportunities to participate in short-term mission work back in PNG with MAF and with the local people that she has come to love as friends.

Please keep the Meeks family in your prayers as they seek to honour God in all they do.

Delight thyself in the LORD.

Psalm 37:4

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