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Fuel for Fathers Day

For Fathers Day in 2018, we are excited to invite you to be a part of a fun but effective initiative to raise money to fuel the life-changing work of MAF.

We have created a few really fun short videos (for you to choose from) that you can share with your congregation in the lead up to Father’s Day. These videos celebrate dads as well as explain the difference simply buying a jerrycan of fuel for the dad in their life can make to isolated people.

After showing one of these short 3-minute videos, we ask that a member of your church would have a table setup after the service to sell some of our jerrycan Father’s Day cards. The need is great but our goal is to make it achievable by selling Jerrycans of fuel for only $50 each.

Every Jerrycan funded is 20 litres of critical fuel to MAF, meaning help, hope and healing can reach the most isolated and needy parts of the world.

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