Short-term Hangar Construction Supervisor, Liberia

MAF has been working in Liberia for a number of years providing essential support as the only humanitarian flight service in the country. We are now at an exciting point in the programme as we embark on the construction of a new hangar. To do this we are looking for an experienced Construction Supervisor with excellent project management skills to head this up.

This is a short-term position for up-to 12 months, starting in August 2019.


The Supervisor will take on the responsibility for the oversight, on site supervision and project management of the construction of the hangar as below:

Manage the construction process, project finances and reporting, supervision of the works and other activities supporting on-site operations on behalf of the project owner.
Manage the project finances throughout the construction.
Carry out site inspections on a daily basis on behalf of the owner and the design team which will include verifying drawings and specifications are adhered to, and confirming the quantity and quality of materials and workmanship. Assisting the contractor to interpret the design team’s instructions, drawing, specifications or bills of quantities.
Provide weekly progress reports to the MAF Liberia Programme Manager and Project Manager.
Arrange for the involvement of specialist input to assist with ensuring the contract is being fulfilled and the hangar is being built in line with the instructions of the design team.
Communicate with the design team regarding information not provided or not clear in the design documents whether it be communicating questions to the design team as needed, using sketches when helpful to communicate issues and possibles solutions or consulting with stakeholders prior to making changes to the construction.
There will also be an expectation to support on-site operations with other activities by:
Managing the project design team, technical advisor’s, and other contractors requests for information, supplemental instructions/shop drawings and site visits as required
Overseeing relationships with local authorities and neighbours to the site
Maintaining organisation of all projects files and records
Attending regular job site meetings and compile meeting minutes for distribution

Qualifications, Skills & Experience


Secondary school completion
Previous building and construction experience in first and third world environments
Project management experience in large scale construction


Team management experience
Experience working in Africa

Position Location (s):
  • Liberia
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