Mission Pilot/ Manager -Tanzania

MAF has been serving in Tanzania for nearly 60 years. During this time the organisation has had a major impact in the development of aviation in Tanzania as well as in serving communities in every part of the country. In the last 10 years the transport infrastructure has improved and therefore our focus has changed.

As we are a small team we expect our pilots to take on additional roles and responsibilities. We would be looking for someone to fulfil either the Operations Management or Airfield Development project role dependent on the experience.

Mission Pilot:

You will be expected to provide a professional aviation service which is customer focused and upholds MAF’s quality and safety management systems.
You will liaise with Operations during the planning and booking process.
You will need to ensure that you maintain your flying qualifications in accordance with MAF and national regulations.
You will assist with operational efficiency, effectiveness and safety of the programme as and when required by your Line Manager, taking on part or whole responsibilities of the Flight Operations Department.
Participating in ground based support functions including Quality, Security, Safety, Maintaining aircraft in flight documentation, IT, etc.
You will have a willingness to be trained for other roles in the programme that will enhance efficiency, effectiveness and safety of the operations.

Airfield Development:

Part of our work in Tanzania is airfield development. Your role will be to manage and develop this further, identifying potential areas for development and once selected ensure that these are fully prepared for construction. You will then oversee this construction ensuring it is fully compliant, approved and licenced.

You will be expected to write and update project proposals to attract funding, ensure the project team are managed well and reports are produced. You will also contribute to the overall management of the Tanzania programme.


Operations Management:

You will be expected to ensure the safe and efficient use of MAF aircraft and aircrew by monitoring and assisting in the administration of aircraft and pilot documentation.
You will ensure pilots are adequately equipped, qualified, current and proficient in accordance with MAF operating standards. You will also ensure the effective resourcing of flights in terms of crew assignment and aircraft scheduling.
Aircraft will need to be operated in accordance with relevant standards, legislation and safety policies so you will monitor and promote compliance with relevant MAF, national and international flight operations standards.
You will promote a positive safety culture through adherence to the MAF quality and safety systems.
You will support the performance, efficiency and development of the MAF flight operations by developing a clear vision and purpose to all flight operations staff, making sure that flight operations are staffed adequately.
If required you will provide training, coaching and mentoring to staff in liaison with the Country Director.
You will develop and maintain good customer and professional relationships seeking out new opportunities to develop partnerships and support the current and potential needs of customers as far as possible.
We will expect this person to gain a good level of Kiswahili to enable clear communication with Government, Partners and Beneficiaries.
You will see the importance of gaining a good understanding of the Tanzanian culture to enable strong relationships to be built and maintained.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience

ICAO Commercial Pilots License with instrument rating
Experienced pilot with 750 – 1000 hours
Aviation Medical – Class 1 on entry
Minimum English Proficiency Level 5


At least 5 years of work experience with at least 2 years within the aeronautical industry
Kiswahili language skills or a willingness to learn the language and culture
Experience and recent proficiency in the operation of small aircraft to CPL standards.
Previous cross cultural management experience
Excellent problem solving and communication skills

Position Location (s):
  • Tanzania
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