Manager of Flight Standards – location flexible

This is a new role created as part of the Flight Operations transformation and will be responsible for managing the development, implementation and assurance of common flight standards internationally and pilot checking across MAFI.

Your role will include ensuring flight standards enable safe, compliant, effective and efficient flight operations that facilitate the delivery of MAFI’s vision and mission. You will demonstrate strong relational qualities with a willingness to learn and adapt, a concern for standards, a passion for the vision and mission of MAFI, an ability to work flexibly, empathetically and provide effective leadership in operational practice.

While intended as a support office role, the working location for this role is flexible.

Working in collaboration with other MAFI and programme-based managers you will review, develop, document and implement consistent and common flight related standards in all MAFI programmes. This will require you to provide oversight and management of the conduct and practice of all pilot checking activity within MAFI, ensuring pilots are demonstrating the required levels of KSSA’s in all flight activities. As a result you will need to ensure the flight checking team across MAFI, including in programmes, is adequately equipped and resourced with trained and competent staff and equipment.

Acting as the Subject Matter Expert within MAFI on matters related to flying standards and aircraft operations you will be the technical author for MAFI Ops B, flight check standards and associated documentation. This will include staying current on aviation regulations and advising operational management on legislative or regulatory changes.

Working with the Flight Ops Quality Manager you will ensure ongoing audit, review and oversight of flight standards proactively identifying quality, safety and reliability trends within MAFI flight operations and ensuring these are relayed to the wider flight checking team and used to impact and influence standards development checking and training across all MAFI programmes.

In this role you would also participate in flight training and checking activities and maintain operational proficiency.

In a wider context you will be responsible for managing the performance and professional development of members of the flight standards team and holding them accountable for behaviours and agreed actions such as DARFs and CAPA’s, setting, in consultation with the DFO, personal and team goals that enable progress towards MAFI strategic goals, vision and mission.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience
Essential Requirements

Further education, degree level or equivalent experience with a current ICAO CPL with instrument rating and instructor rating.
Experienced Flight Instructor with operational experience in at least one MAFI programme with multiple MAF aircraft types
Ability to communicate clearly across geographical and cultural boundaries

Desirable Requirements
Experience managing and working in a remote team
Experience of working in a multi cultural team
Experience working in aviation outside of MAFI
Experience working with aviation authorities

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