Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, PNG

Our Engineers keep our planes flying!

Our aircraft land on some of the most challenging terrain you can imagine. Safety is key so the skill that an engineer brings to our aircraft is essential.

We are currently looking for a LAME to join our team in PNG, to help maintain our fleet of Single Engine Turbine and Single Engine Piston aircraft.

If you are interested in combining your engineering skills with the opportunity for mission this could be the job for you.

Qualifications, skills and experience:


Secondary School completion certificate
ICAO Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence
Completion of approved aircraft maintenance engineer pre-employment course
Aptitude in verbal, non-verbal, numerical and mechanical reasoning
5 years of aviation maintenance experience (can be concurrent with obtaining licence)
Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance
Turbine or reciprocating engine experience, as appropriate


PT6 experience desired

Position Location (s):
  • P.N.G.
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