Experienced Mission Pilot, Madagascar

MAF flies to some of the most remote airstrips in the world, often in changeable weather conditions where you need an extensive set of skills.
You will need to safely and efficiently operate MAF aircraft in accordance with company policies and procedures, but equally as part of the team you will be responsible to support the effectiveness and efficiency of the programme through undertaking Operational, Quality and Safety Roles on a routine basis.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:

ICAO Commercial Pilots License with instrument rating
Aviation Medical – Class 1 on entry, Class 2 in operations
The candidate will have a minimum of 1000 flight hours of PIC time (in commercial flying) and be qualified to fly the C182 and C208 aircraft.
Demonstrated proficiency in and knowledge of aircraft performance and loading, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, weather, aircraft instrumentation, crew/cockpit resource management, pilot decision making, safety and quality systems
French speaking is an advantage but Malagasy language training is highly recommended and would be available in country

Position Location (s):
  • Madagascar
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