Experienced Mission Pilot, Liberia

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is an organisation using light aircraft to deliver help and hope in over 30 developing countries. MAF transports patients, relief workers, produce and medical supplies to the world’s remotest regions and places of deepest human need – places where flying is not a luxury but a lifeline.

Liberia is one of the oldest republics in Africa, but also one of the poorest. As a country it has suffered more than a decade of civil war which has seen hundreds of thousands of people die in conflict. Recently, the nation was also devastated by the Ebola crisis of 2014. Today, many people live below the poverty line and have little access to electricity and running water.

MAF has been working in Liberia for a number of years providing essential support as the only humanitarian flight service in the country. To continue this work and take it further, we now have an opportunity for an experienced pilot who can support our ongoing work by flying our partners and customers.


In this role, you will conduct mission flights in accordance with MAF procedures and provide a customer focused flight service. Being a MAF pilot, you will actively participate in MAF’s quality and safety management systems and liaise with operations during the planning and booking process. You will also engage in night flying and assist with operational efficiency, effectiveness and safety of the program.

You will be tasked to oversee part or whole of the Flight Operations department and ensure good stewardship of resources is exercised throughout operations. You will also add value by participating in ground based support functions including quality, security, safety and maintaining aircraft in flight documentation.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience

– ICAO Commercial Pilots License with instrument rating
– Aviation Medical – Class 1
– Minimum English proficiency level 5
– Experience and recent proficiency in the operation of small aircraft to CPL standards. Minimum 1000 flight hours including 500 hours PIC
– Potential to fly C208
– Demonstrated proficiency in and knowledge of aircraft performance and loading, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, weather, aircraft instrumentation, crew/cockpit
resource management, pilot decision making, safety and quality system

– Single Engine Turbine experience and ideally a C208 rating
– Some experience of working in commercial or corporate aviation highly recommended
– IFR Operations

Position Location (s):
  • Liberia
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