Experienced Mission Pilot Float Plane, Bangladesh

You will be at the sharp end of transformation as you work with our partners to reach isolated communities . A MAF Pilot will fly over deserts and mountains to reach some of the most remote airstrips in the world, in challenging conditions. You will need an extensive set of skills to safely and efficiently operate your MAF aircraft.

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Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

• Commercial Pilots License with Instrument Rating
• Aviation Medical – Class 1 on entry, Class 2 in operations
• Flight experience of over 1000 hours and a minimum of 100 hours Turbine PIC
• Demonstrated proficiency in and knowledge of aircraft performance and loading, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, weather, aircraft instrumentation, crew/cockpit
resource management, pilot decision making, safety and quality systems


Experience and recent proficiency in the operation of small aircraft to CPL standards
Some experience of working in commercial or corporate aviation highly recommended
IFR Operations
Seaplane experience

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