Deputy Programme Manager, Arnhem Land

Would you like to be instrumental in helping MAF to achieve our vision? Can you inspire a team? Work with local partners, regulatory authorities and Country officials to achieve the programme goals?

This is an exciting opportunity to be engaged in one of MAF’s unique programmes that provides both outreach and support services to the isolated communities in Arnhem Land and also acts as an extended training base for MAF’s new pilots.

Qualifications, skills and experience

• Graduate or equivalent experience
• Verbal, abstract and numerical reasoning
• Excellent spoken and written English
• Team management experience / project management experience involving working with others
• Able to real and interpret financial reports
• Excellent administrative skills
• Thorough knowledge of MS office applications
• Confident dealing with IT hardware / software
• Cross-cultural management experience
• Experience of working in an aviation or related field is preferred
• Experience of living and working in a developing country and/or mission is preferred

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