Deputy Chief Pilot & Crew Training Manager, Arnhem Land

MAF seeks to bring hope to remote communities across the world.

We are currently seeking a Deputy Chief Pilot and Crew Training Manager who will report to the Chief Pilot in relation to crew training and flight operations management.

The role will be to:
• Implement plans to up-skill and maintain competent pilots
• Plan and schedule pilot competency assessment checks
• Monitor and oversee the progression of new pilots during orientation training and supervised flying
• Act as Chief Pilot when required as subject to CASA approval

Qualifications, skills and experience

• CASA Australia CPL, command instrument rating, a minimum of 1000 PIC hours and be able to successfully complete the CASA Chief Pilot approval process.
• Current as PIC on at least one Company aeroplane type with at least 500 hours experience on relevant aircraft type.
• Good written and spoken communications skills and well developed organisational skills

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