Continuing Airworthiness Officer – Planning and Technical Records, Cairns

MAF serves in 37 countries with around 130 aircraft reaching some of the most remote places in the world. We bring new hope to families & communities that are trying to make a daily living. It is our desire to see these areas transformed to bring about a brighter tomorrow.

To paint a small picture, last year MAF carried out more than 56,000 flight legs, flying around 157,000 passengers and 6 million kg of freight to around 1400 destinations worldwide. We now have a great opportunity for an Continuing Airworthiness Officer – Planning and Technical Records to join our journey and be part of the Maintenance Control Hub situated in Cairns.


The primary focus of this role relates to the planning, scheduling and recording of aircraft maintenance carried out on MAF Australian registered aircraft.

You will be responsible to lead the planning of maintenance, modifications, and repairs in accordance with the MAF CAME (Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition).

In this role, you will need to ensure that work is conducted in an efficient and controlled manner, ensuring clear work orders are provided, oversee that defect rectifications are carried out and databases updated, and that you are liaising well with managers and departments. Keeping aircraft log books updated, and making sure Aircraft Technical Records are stored correctly are all essential duties of this role.

Continual improvement and compliance are central to this role, and as such you will recommend changes and improvements to processes and procedures to ensure good stewardship and effectively, and liaising with the Quality Manager to effect timely corrective actions. You will also need to cooperate with giving assistance to Quality and Safety Auditors as necessary.

Assisting with ICA Control and Assessment and Reliability Control process will be required from time to time.

You may also need to travel occasionally to visit program, as these visits are essential to uphold good working relationships with stakeholders.

The successful candidate will need to be detail orientated, analytical, capable of working independently as well as part of a team, able to prioritise and multi-task. This role also requires you to maintain a good working relationship with all stakeholders and team members.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience

* Current right to work in Australia
* You will need to have any one of the four qualifications below:
– Hold, or have held, an aircraft engineer licence in category B1, B2 or C; or
– Hold, or have held, a licence that is equivalent to a licence in category B1, B2 or C;or
– Have a qualification in aviation maintenance management at least at diploma level; or
– Have an engineering qualification at least at diploma level in any of the following disciplines: aeronautical, avionics, mechanical, electrical, electronics.
* Aptitude in verbal, numerical, abstract and mechanical reasoning
* Awareness of Health and Safety principles
* Three years of experience as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or five years relevant work experience
* Awareness of human factors in aviation maintenance
* Detail Orientated, analytical, capable of working independently as well as part of a team, ability to multi-task and task-prioritise, and resourceful

* ICAO Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License or National Aviation Maintenance Licenses
* Familiarity with maintenance schedules of MAF aircraft types
* Three years experience in continuing airworthiness management of aircraft
* Experience in tracking and scheduling maintenance tasks

**NOTE: This position is only open to those with a current ‘right to work’ in Australia due to Immigration restrictions. As part of the recruitment process, a Criminal History check will be required for the successful candidate.**

Position Location (s):
  • Cairns
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