Chief Engineer, Chad

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is an organisation using light aircraft to deliver help and hope in over 30 developing countries. MAF transports patients, relief workers, produce and medical supplies to the world’s remotest regions and places of deepest human need – places where flying is not a luxury but a lifeline.

One of these places is Chad, the largest landlocked country in Africa. The Sahara desert in the north, and the vast distances between towns and villages on dirt/sand roads, make it a difficult place to live. The UN Human Development Index currently places Chad almost at the bottom of the list at 186 (out of 189 countries). The adult literacy rate is only 23% (and just 11% among women). Life expectancy here is also one of the world’s worst, at just over 50, and one in ten babies die before they are a year old.

MAF has been serving in Chad for over 50 years through times of famine, drought and civil unrest. Working with many partner organisations, MAF provides an effective air transport service for missionaries, relief organisations and the local Church. The humanitarian and spiritual needs of this country are huge, and MAF seeks to meet these needs by operating two aircraft, a Cessna Grand Caravan and a Cessna 182.

To continue our vital work, we now require a Chief Engineer to join our team. You will effectively manage the activities of our local Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO), ensuring that our aircraft are maintained to MAF, national and international aviation standards. In this role, you will also support the training and development of local maintenance staff by mentoring/coaching and managing training plans.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience


– Completion of approved aircraft maintenance engineer pre-employment course
– An aptitude in verbal, non-verbal, numerical and mechanical reasoning
– Successfully completed and obtained GCSE and A-level qualifications
– A working knowledge of French
– 5 years experience in aircraft maintenance.
– ICAO Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence without type rating
– Aircraft and engine type courses as appropriate.
– Knowledge of health and safety principles


– National Aircraft Maintenance Engineers licence as required
– Team management experience
– Turbine or reciprocating engine experience, as appropriate
– Experience of budgeting and financial control systems

Position Location (s):
  • Chad
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