MAF Engineers to the Rescue!

Posted: on October 29, 2012

Report by MAF Arnhem Land

p7220778_300You cannot mistake the big red bus and trailer as it travels throughout the dusty outback of Arnhem Land. For the last few years this bus has carried the A.M.O.S (Australian Mission Outreach Support) team along with their camping and ministry gear for concerts during short-term visits to the communities of Arnhem Land.

A.M.O.S works with Indigenous Communities all over Australia. Recently they have travelled through Arnhem Land again with a team of five volunteers. Their approach has been to present the Gospel through ‘Country Gospel Concerts’. Over the last few years MAF staff have been pivotal in helping facilitate these visits with the local community people.

Recently the A.M.O.S team had set out to present a concert in the small Aboriginal homeland of Dhalinybuy. In Arnhem Land the majority of the roads are rough and challenging on both vehicles and passengers. Not long after leaving Nhulunbuy the team had stopped for a break and discovered that their draw bar was badly damaged. They realised that if they had traveled further they would have severely damaged the trailer with all their supplies and equipment!

Being out-of-town and not having many options, the teamp7180733_300 decided to send some of the team back with the bus to get the damaged section fixed. The Lord lead the team to the MAF hangar at Gove Airport where the MAF engineers quickly jumped to the challenge to weld the draw bar back in place. Within no time the bus and team members were on the way again and they were able to make it to Dhalinybuy to complete a concert and continue on safely with the rest of the trip.

A.M.O.S thanks the MAF staff who helped facilitate this short-term mission trip and for the engineers, especially Jono Edwards who quickly responded to the bus crisis. MAF’s helping hand enabled the team to continue their ministry travels without too much delay.

MAF’s practical help and partnership greatly supports the spread of the gospel message throughout East Arnhem Land.

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