Life-saving start to service

Posted: on October 4, 2012

The latest addition to MAF’s aircraft fleet in Madagascar is already having a dramatic impact.

The new Cessna 182 SMA recently accompanied our larger

The Cessna 182's very first flight saved 2 doctors a 2.5 day overland trip

The Cessna 182’s very first flight saved 2 doctors a 2.5 day overland trip

Cessna Caravan aircraft to the northern community of Mandritsara on a routine flight for the hospital. The next day though, a call was received requesting an immediate medevac for a resident of Bemana, over a hundred miles to the east.

Suffering from a burst intestine, the patient was dangerously distant from any location to receive the urgently required surgery and our Cessna Caravan was unfortunately already flying in the north. The Cessna 182 however collected the man and his father in time to fly them both to a hospital in Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital. The smaller plane provided a more fuel-efficient alternative that for one man meant the difference between life and death.

MAF’s country director in Madagascar, Bert van den Bosch, is not surprised by the immediate impact of the Cessna 182 SMA on the team’s ability to serve communities. “It is a huge blessing! I feel that with the two quite different planes we have something to offer to our clients again, especially the smaller groups. I spoke today with a French missionary that had to travel one week by car, boat over open sea and walking to reach his mission post. The 182 opens MAF for him again as another option.”

Having saved one life already in its short service, the Cessna 182 is booked for a further 22 more hours’ flight over the coming week. MAF pilot Josh Plett is excited by the opportunities this new plane will present to our work in Madagascar, seeing “big potential to use this aircraft for high-impact mission flying”.

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