Introducing MAF’s new logo!

Posted: on August 15, 2013


CEO Michelle Dorey introduces our new logo: distinctive, contemporary but staying true to our roots

Symbols are used throughout Scripture and God uses symbols to convey ideas powerfully to His people. They can be deeply moving, enable recognition, and inspire respect, trust and security. Signage can save lives, point us in the right direction, inform and help us.

In the early Church, Christians used the sign of a fish to identify themselves as being of the same faith and purpose for Jesus Christ. Over 2,000 years on and with so many new ways to communicate, signs are informing people more than ever before.

Brett Nel from Arnhem Land in front of a plane painted in the new strip with the new logo

Brett Nel from Arnhem Land in front of a plane painted in the new strip with the new logo

And so, it is with great excitement that I am introducing the new MAF logo. While staying true to our roots and recognising our core purpose does not change, we have developed a distinctive look that is contemporary, international and professional.

Our fleet of aircraft carry people, aid and the Good News of Jesus Christ to places where access is often otherwise denied, allowing lives to be transformed in body and spirit. What better visual symbol could there be for this than a dove – the biblical symbol of peace and of the Holy Spirit? Add to this the symbolic meanings of the selected colours. Blue communicates we are safe and trustworthy, red dynamic and active, grey conveys reliability and professionalism.

United in fellowship

The work of MAF began in three different regions of the world: Asia-Pacific, Africa and
the Americas, established by three separate organisations. The adoption of the same MAF logo across these regions is a significant milestone in our history.

Our new logo will enable us to share resources across the MAF family, meaning we can cut costs and continue to be good stewards of the resources the Lord has entrusted to us through your contributions.

This new logo shows we are united in spirit and purpose, ready to meet the challenges God puts before us. Now, wherever and whenever in the world we are seen – from Angola to Arnhem Land, Kenya to Kalimantan, Madagascar to Mozambique – people will immediately recognise and know us for who we are.

Thanks for your ongoing support of our ministry!

Michelle Dorey

Watch the video below to see how MAF’s logo has developed from 1950 to 2012

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