Fractured Dreams

Posted: on April 19, 2013

Report by Paul Beck

It’s every boy’s dream to fly in an aircraft. While MAF pilots 25075_300can’t grant the wishes of every young man they come across, an obvious exception is made for those requiring emergency medical treatment! Jimi, a boy in Kalimantan, Indonesia recently needed such assistance, after a bicycling accident resulted in a compound fracture on his ankle that could only be treated by surgery. Residents in his remote village had to travel by boat for thirty minutes just to reach the airstrip, where a MAF plane was ready to make the rest of the journey possible.

Such ‘medevacs’ are almost a daily occurrence for pilots in Kalimantan, but the stories don’t end with the arrival at a medical facility. The local MAF team are also renting a house near the hospital where the families of those they have medically evacuated can stay 25071_300while their loved one receives treatment. This provides a further opportunity to shine and share about God’s love.

Jimi returned on a MAF flight a week later, still facing a lengthy recovery that may never reach 100%. “At least he’ll have the hope of being able to walk again, whereas without MAF, he wouldn’t have had any chance of that,” explains pilot Dave Forney.

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