Evacuation from South Sudan

Posted: on December 24, 2013

As instability rockets in South Sudan, MAF aircraft evacuate remote mission and NGO staff.

Over the last week, the security situation in South Sudan has deteriorated significantly.

Ethnic and political divisions have erupted into violence in many parts of the country, causing tens of thousands of people to flee for their safety.

The situation in Juba, South Sudan’s capital, remains tense.

The leadership of MAF International have put pre-prepared crisis plans into action and on Saturday 21 December evacuated the international staff who serve in the country to neighbouring Kenya.

Urgent requests for help

While several Western nations have also provided flights from Juba to collect their citizens who are seeking to leave the country, many NGO staff remain in isolated locations across South Sudan.

MAF is committed to helping those partners who are asking for assistance to evacuate their personnel from more remote destinations.

To facilitate this urgent need, a temporary MAF base has been established at Lokichoggio in northern Kenya, close to the South Sudan border.

MAF’s Crisis Management Team are continuing to monitor the situation and developments on the ground closely.

Please pray:

· Pray for peace and stability to return to South Sudan in the near future. The country’s citizens have already experienced decades of violence during the conflict for independence from northern Sudan.

· Ask God to assist MAF pilots and operations staff as they assist many partners in an incredibly dynamic security-situation.

· At this time of uncertainty and upheaval, pray for the safety of national staff who work at the MAF base in Juba. Many have taken leave and returned to be with their families for Christmas.

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