Beauty out of Ashes

Posted: on July 1, 2014

In a world where we hear of much upheaval due to war, terrorism and natural disasters, it is always a pleasure to meet with those who, in one way or another, help to bring beauty out of ashes.

Helen and Tim Manson work for Tutapona (meaning “To Heal”), Beauty-out-of-Ashes3(640)_200a trauma counselling organisation that attempts to enter residual, war-affected zones to offer essential trauma counselling to the displaced victims of war. Tutapona has most recently been supporting a colossal refugee camp which opened in December 2013 after the crisis erupted in South Sudan. There are now 55,000 living inside.

Since Tutapona began, the organization has counselled more than 20,000 refugees, 11,000 of which have made commitments to Christ.

MAF’s partnering role with Tutapona is essential. Tim commented, “By flying with MAF we maximise our time instead of roughing it from Kampala to Gulu along a grueling 10-hour journey. Flying with MAF helps us do our work. It actually costs the same as driving, but more importantly it saves us time. It helps our work be more effective.”

It is a joy for MAF to be affiliated with such a valuable group of brave partners who do not hesitate to bring healing into the darkness.

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