An eventful 24 hours!

Posted: on July 29, 2012

Written by Linsey & Matt Painter

We had quite a dramatic day yesterday which reminded us of the incredible team that is here at Rumginae, PNG, and what an amazing God we have who is in control of every situation and every detail, no matter how chaotic it may seem at the time. It started off quite mildly as a nice quiet Saturday but took a turn at around 10:00 am when Dr. Addy came to ask Matt if he would be able to do a medevac for a pregnant lady with heavy bleeding.


Photo courtesy of Matt Painter

“Since the grass at her home airstrip of Bosset in the Western Province was too long, she was transferred by boat to Aiambak airstrip, where Matt picked her up, accompanied by Josh Williams, a medical student from Chicago.

“The MAF GA8 Airvan ‘P2-MFM’ landed back at Rumginae at 2:30 pm and an ambulance was waiting to take the lady from the airstrip to the hospital. The operating theatre is quite close to the airstrip. The doctors went straight into surgery. Between 4:30 and 6:30 pm, we heard the theatre emergency alarm go off three times calling in extra staff to help. At 7:00 pm we got a call from one of the doctors asking if Linsey was willing to donate blood. The lady was bleeding profusely, and as they do not have a storage facility in the hospital for blood, every time there is an emergency the call goes out to the hospital staff and community.

“As the pilot-on-call for medevacs, Matt was unable to give blood as he would have to wait 24 hours before he could fly again. Linsey hurried over to the hospital and 500mls of blood was taken and immediately rushed to the theatre.

Photo courtesy of Matt Painter

Photo courtesy of Matt Painter

Thankfully there was a special youth church service going on that night so the hospital staff had gone over to the service to ask for volunteers. Quite a number of people donated including the other MAF couple here, doctors, students and teachers. We were also thankful for our supply of soft drinks, biscuits and extra meals as they came in handy for the staff needing energy for marathon surgery and a ‘dinner’ at 01:00am!

“There was also timely emergency assistance provided by the Kiunga Hospital doctor and staff. The doctors here said that so many things just happened so well, “they must have been ‘God- things’“. The woman is stable this morning after two operations, and her premature baby has a fair chance of survival.”

An update has revealed that the baby survived. Mother and baby were transferred to Kiunga hospital. They were visited a couple of times by Rumginae Hospital staff in the following week and were doing well, thanks to God for His work through many people here.

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