Microlet, Motorbike and a MAF plane

Have you ever looked at a photo in a MAF magazine or on a website and wondered, “I wonder what it’s really like to work there?” For most people traveling to the remote locations where MAF serves will never become reality and remain just a thought. But in August 2018, a group of seven Australians, aged from 15 years to 70 plus, accompanied by MAF Australia General Manager Ian McDougall, made the trip to Timor-Leste to see just what life and service there is really like.

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Unscheduled Opportunities to Serve

An ordinary day for MAF’s Andrew Macdonald soon offers an extraordinary opportunity to serve. The Arnhem Land programme has conducted 839 medical flights in 2017 alone, with a 9 of them being emergency medevac flights such as this.

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Inspiring Young Hearts

MAF Uganda recently hosted a field trip to their airfield. Some of the boys were so impacted they are now talking of becoming pilots one day.   It gave them a strong sense of value to be given this opportunity.   Who knows what will eventuate from this day out in Kajjansi airfield.   One thing is clear, it was a lifetime highlight for these kids who will live off the memory for a very long time.

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A Call for Help from Garrthalala – MAF in Arnhem Land

“Many of the phone calls I take each day are pretty mundane. Today, I took the call for this flight and I’m glad to have played a part in making this come together quickly. A fantastic result considering the initial contact suggested it could have gone the other way.” – Rhys Morrell, MAF Arnhem Land.

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Trusting God in the Middle of Tragedy – MAF in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Alfa Kawengian’s father-in-law, Laurens, died in the massive earthquake and tsunami on 28 September that devastated the city of Palu on Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island. His mother-in-law Maryam miraculously survived. Alfa is Assistant Flight Ops Manager in Yayasan MAF Indonesia’s Papua program and he joined MAF’s Disaster Response team in Palu to assist in ground operations. While in Palu, he visited the site where Laurens died with MAF’s Evrin Pratama. Read his story here.

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Medicine for 1500 People – MAF in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Focus on Partnership: Operation Blessing’s Indonesian branch, Obor Berkat (OBI), sent two teams of doctors to Palu just days after the earthquake and tsunami devastated the city leaving homeless and injured residents setting up makeshift tented camps across the town.

The doctor/nurse teams began holding clinics, moving from camp to camp, trying to provide basic care, but Mark McClendon, who was overseeing the operation, was struggling to get their cargo of medicine to Palu until MAF came to hlep.

“MAF sent medicines for 1500 people on their plane so that our medical teams can be resupplied today just in time. Tomorrow morning all of our teams will hit the ground with meds. We’re targeting a minimum of 10,000 patients the first month.”

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A Miraculous Reunion Story – MAF in Sulawesi, Indonesia

A team of MAF Staff from Papua have been in Sulawesi helping with the tsunami recovery efforts. One of the team members, Stanley, flew into a village to deliver supplies and miraculously and quite by chance met up with his in-law family that hadn’t been heard from since the disaster.

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